Kabita Rai Nembang wins Mrs Nepal Idol 2016

The event dedicated to the married women named as Mrs Nepal Idol 2016 was been showcased on 22nd of August 2016.


It was the first season of the event and was been launched by Amazon Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. In the competition there were fifteen ladies in the chase of main title award.

Among them Kabita Rai Nembang was able to prove herself as the best and was therefore crowned as Mrs. Nepal Idol 2016. She was also successful at awards of Most Intelligent and Best Dress category.

The event choreographed by Himani Subba saw Apsara Gurung as first runner-ups while Mira Shrestha and Gauri Giri were spotted as second and third runner-ups respectively. Likewise Anju G.T. Bhujel was chosen as forth runner-ups.

Besides being the top five winners Apsara was successful at best complexion and most stylish award while Mira grabbed best catwalk award. Likewise Gauri was the winner of best smile award while Anju took away the awards of best photogenic and most smart.

winners in other categories
Best Talent: Sita Thapa
Best Personality: S. Rita Shrestha
Best Discipline: Minu Sharma
Most Charming: Mandira Maharjan
Most Innocence: Asmita Shahi Thakuri
Best Skin: Lima Pokhrel
Best Hair: Elina Giri
Most Active & Most Bubbly: Punam Maharjan
Most Punctual: Sunita Bhandari
Most Confident: Gita Shrestha
Most Popular: Minu Sharma