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Kazal Khanal seeking active career in acting

Kazal Khanal has already spent her two years period in the health lab. She has now arrived to the profession of acting from health sector. Born at Khandaha of Arghakhanchi and resident of Butwal, Kajol is now in Kathmandu to prove her mettle in the acting industry. Kazal decided to make a career in acting some six months ago only. During this period, she has already worked on a dozen music videos, a short movie and a film. Kazal has acted in the music videos of noted singers like Anju Pant, Mandabi Tripathi and Khuman Adhikari, among others, while she has also played in the short movie ‘Kalam ko Baato’ which is based on the college life. Another work involves the Dinesh Shrestha-directed movie ‘Kaam Chor’.

Kazal, 5-feet-and-1-inch girl, plans to actively work in the Nepali film industry if she is provided a good opportunity. She said that she was motivated by her parents to walk on the career of the acting. An avid dancer from the early childhood days, Kazal, spares her leisure times by dancing. She loves to be attired on one-piece and T-shirt and Jeans. While asked about the marriage plan, she said that it was not even the time to think about it.