Shanti Tamang wins Mrs Tamang 2016

The ethnic beauty pageant related to the married women of Tamang community named as Mrs Tamang 2016 has been showcased at Nepal Academy Hall on 28th of Bhadra 2073.


Organized by S.K. Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., premiere edition of the event had seventeen ladies competing for the title awards. In the event Shanti Tamang was successful to put herself as the winner for the event. Along with the tiara of Mrs. Tamang 2016, Shanti rode away the brand new scooty as her winning prize. Besides winning award, Shanti was also awarded with sub awards called Mrs. Face book and Mrs. Popular.

The event choreographed by Rojin Shakya saw Annu Kumari Lama as first runner-ups and took away cash prize of rupees fifty thousand. Annu also the secured awards of Mrs. Friendship and Mrs. Participants Choice category.


Likewise Anita Lama stood second runner-ups and scored cash prize of thirty five thousand. She also grabbed the awards of Viewer’s choice and Best performance.


Similarly Sunita Ghalan and Shyam Maya Tamang were positioned at third and forth runner-ups while Radha Thokar stood fifth runner-ups. Sunita was also awarded with the titles of Talent and Personality while Shyam Maya was successful at Best walk category. Likewise Radha was awarded with Beautiful smile title.

Winners in other category
Mrs. Best Dress and Most Energetic: Monica Moktan
Mrs. Beautiful Skin: Soniya Lama
Mrs. Beautiful Hair: Nani Maya Tamang
Mrs. Guardian and Mrs. Responsible: Meena Tamang
Mrs. Photogenic: Mamta Lopchan
Mrs. Charming: Sarita Lama
Mrs. Active: Manjira Lama
Mrs. Intelligent and Mrs. Talent: Menuka Lama
Mrs. Discipline: Kumari Lama
Mrs. Cooperative: Laxmi Moktan
Mrs. Most Dutifulness: Urmila Tamang