Sonam wins Mrs. Mongol Nepal 2016

Mrs. Mongol Nepal (3rd season) was been showcased at Rastriya Naachghar, Jamal on 7th of July 2016.

In the event leaving behind her fourteen competitors Sonam Rai was successful to win Mrs. Mongol Nepal 2016 title.


Sonam was also awarded as the winner of Best Smile and Most Confident award. Manika Rai was been elected as first runner-ups while Jenifer Bajracharya grabbed the position of second runner-ups.

Manika was also successful in the awards of Miss Intelligent and Best Dress while Jenifer also secured her name in the award called Most Charming.

The event organized by Amazon Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. was been choreographed by Himani Subba while Choreographer/ Media personality was the chief jury in the making of Mrs. Mongol Nepal 2016.

The event saw Pratima Bantawa Rai as third runner-ups and Nima Yangi Sherpa made up to forth runner-ups position. Pratima was also selected as the winner in Best Catwalk and Most Stylish award while Nima was successful in the award of Best Talent.

Winners in other awards
Best Personality: Laxmi Ghising Limbu | Best Discipline: Kamala Lama | Best Skin and Most Popular: Yogita Sambahamphe Limbu | Best Hair: Kiran Thapa Magar | Most Active: Menuka Gurung | Most Bubbly: Puja Maharjan | Most Smart: Nirmaya Lama | Most Innocent: Rita Gurung | Most Photogenic: Pratima Rai