Who will be the Nepal’s Top fashion designer?

Who will be the Nepal’s Top fashion designer? The question demands the creativity, designing skill, innovative idea and exploring capacity on the fabrics, colors and various designing elements.


This would be an opportunity to prove your designing skill and to be marked in the world of fashion. It’s time for the fashion designers to prove themselves. The competition is on and it is the Nepal’s Top fashion designer. The event is being organized by Youhaan International events Pvt. Ltd.

The competition looks for the participation of the fashion designers, the beginners, experienced or the professionals. The winner of the competition would earn an international exposure, high end media mileage, cash reward and others.

According to the organizing team the competition would be judged on the dresses and designing elements incorporated to design the dress. Each participating designer need to showcase two of his/her final dresses one for male and other for female. The showcasing of the dresses would be performed through a high profile fashion show.

So, Fashion explorers and the creators, gear up yourself and get ready with four sketches two for male and two for female, face the auditions on 21st of Kartik 2073 at Victory Lounge, Durbarmarg and excel to the fascinating world of fashion and style.