A fashion show named Gratitude and Hope

A fashion show called Gratitude and Hope has been performed at the premises of Namuna College of Fashion Technology, Bansbari, Kathmandu.

The show was fresh and delight for the eyes to witness because of the presentation that included act like gestures and performance other than the regular catwalk on the runway. The show aimed to promote designs using Nepali fabrics and to facilitate the exchange of Nepalese Japanese design concepts.

The total three number of sequences were performed in the show all been choreographed by the designers of the sequences themselves.

The show featured the collection by Japanese designer Aya Domon where her presentation unfolded the collection of unicolored one piece skirts, tops, jackets, trousers and others layered with patterned robes.

The other collection was showcased by the trio Rajendra Rai, Sanu Namaya and Sarika Rai, the graduating designers of NCFT. The collection had designs created on Japanese fabrics and the dresses made on Pashmina.

The third collection had the designs and products of Karuna Natural wears and Juju wears which had jackets, coats, hoodies, shirts and others. This sequence choreographed by Nuzhat Qazi, the chief designer of Karuna Natural wears.