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Search begins for Miss Jyapu 2017

An ethnic beauty pageant related to Newar community being more specific and is opened only for the young ladies of Jyapu community.

The event is the third season of ‘Miss Jyapu’. According to the organizer, Nasa Mandal the criteria to get enrolled in the competition, the applicant should be minimum 5 feet and two inches tall with SLC being the minimum qualification and should fall under 17 to 24 years age group.

As the event is concerned with the young girls from the Jyapu community, the applicant should fall under various sub castes like Maharjan, Dongol, Singh, Suwal, Munikar, Awale, Malakar, Prajapati, Byanjankar, Balami, Gopali, Pahari and others.

As stated the organizers are committed to provide wide range of training session related to traditional art, culture, language, occupation, food, music, dance, rituals and practices related to the Jyapu community.

The contestants will also be groomed in various aspects like personality development, communication skills, leadership development, socialization, women empowerment, stage performance and presentation skills. The deadline for the submission of application form is slated to first week of Bhadra 2074.