The hunt for Liril Fresh Face season 4

By Rojin Shakya | The season 4 of Liril Fresh Face has started off with the screening of the applicants, auditions, deciding top 10 and has moved to top six so far. The whole process is been televised and being aired from Kantipur Television that was premiered on 15th of November 2017 and would run for 7 episodes through 8 rigorous tasks and elimination phases till the finalization of the winner for the season 4 of Liril Fresh Face.

From the hundreds of applicants, 2 hundred applicants were been shortlisted through the preliminary auditions and the selected 2 hundreds went through task based judgment. The very first task was a Q AND A round where the selected applicants were asked two questions and were allowed to write best words they can for those questions. The second task was a photo shoot task where the theme was Girl next door.

The final task was an introductory video shoot of every individual applicant and was of 30 seconds in length with 2 takes being the maximum chance to the get things done in the best way. Through all these tasks the final ten were been decided.

The final ten for the journey of Liril Fresh season 4 were Hishila Maharjan, Rejina Khadka, Prashamsha Manandhar, Nikita Acharya, Shreya K.C., Kopila Pokhrel, Prarabdhi Gyawali, Samikshya Singh, Shraddha Mainali and Pooja Pradhan.

The fresh episode of the event can be caught on Kantipur Television every Wednesdays at 7.30 pm and repeat telecast on Wednesdays at 11.30 pm, on Thursdays at 10.30 am and on Saturdays at 11 am. The hunt for Liril Fresh Face season 4 is being judged by panel of judges having Fashion Choreographer Prashant Tamrakar, Former Miss Nepal Malvika Subba and Art Photographer Kishore Kayastha as the jury members.

From the second episode top ten contestants were cut to top eight which eliminated Samikshya Singh and Prashamsha Manandhar from the competition. The third episode has decided top six of the competition which now is remained with Hishila Maharjan, Nikita Acharya, Shreya K.C., Kopila Pokhrel, Shraddha Mainali and Pooja Pradhan.

Liril Fresh Face is the campaign run by Liril Soap, a quality product of Unilever Nepal aiming to find the face that can represent the brand. The winner of this season would be awarded with refreshing fame in the media, a cash prize of one lakh rupees and a Hero Duet Scooter.

Earlier Ayushma Shreshtha, Shikshya Sangraula and Pramila Thapa were been awarded as the winners of Liril Fresh Face season One, season Two and season Three respectively. The show is being hosted by Srijal Rupakheti and Shikshya Sangraula winner of Liril Fresh Face season Two.