Salman Khan’s Sultan VFX will blow your mind! Watch Video

Yash Raj Films recently released the VFX break down of Sultan and the video makes you believe that technology is an important part of film-making.

Salman Khan Sultan VFX

The visual effects used in the movie can be seen easily in the video. One can see how visual effects have added value to the film. In one sequence, Salman can be seen jumping with a green background. But in the movie, the viewer sees Salman jumping from a building to another in Old Delhi.

Watch Here, Sultan: VFX Breakdown Video

Salman Khan-starrer Sultan has also completed 50 days of release at the box office and is still running in theaters across the country. The current figures clearly declare the immense success of the film. The overall domestic profits till date are over Rs 300.45 cr, as the Indian box office collections sum it all.